5 Best Speedometer Apps For Android

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In today’s world, a lot is expected from a smartphone.One among them is ascertaining your speed while any kind of movement. Speedometer apps are real powerful applications which let you know your present speed of walking or while you are on a vehicle. Many serious accidents can be avoided by having a regular check on your speed. Such apps are available for free in Google Play store if you have an android phone. These are flexible enough to let you know of your exceeding limits and keeps you informed of your current speed. They have the amazing capability of tracking your GPS locations too.So here we come with the list of 5 Best Speedometer Apps For Android.

List of 5 Best Speedometer Apps For Android:


Ulysse speedometer has a list of rich features which keep it among the best speedometer apps. Having plenty of fundamental features like stat tracking, a HUD and average speed it also provides you with an altimeter and a compass. The app runs in the background keeping you detailed through the notification bar. It also supports customization allowing you to alter its speed, location format etc.It’s a small app though not very simple.


Digihud speedometer enables you to measure your speed in all units like KM and MPH etc. It has attributes like a compass, odometer and digital style clock making readability easier at night. You can also alter brightness and colour settings. This is a small and easy app which functions in the background mode. It is comfortable with cheap Android devices too.


Speedometer GPS is another attractive app best suited for cars and cycles as it shows your heading altitude, current altitude, start time, distance travelled, maximum, minimum and average speed. It requires permission to access your device location, photos and media files. You know that it gives you the exact feel of the device. It has a convenient speed chart interface. It is user-friendly as it supports many languages like Hindi, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese etc. Backup and restoring feature makes it unique.


Speedview speedometer is a feasible cost-free app for androids. Units and graphs are used to keep a check on your speed. The alarm feature restricts you from going fast as you exceed the speed limits by enabling you to set a speed threshold. It allows you to save recorded tracks in a file inside MicroSD cards. It has both free and paid versions where the paid version provides you with extra features.


DS Speedometer allows high performance as it uses special drum-like odometer as well as the speedometer with digital and analogue style controls. It has amazing features like night HUD mode, speed alarms, free route recorder and trip logger. This speedometer is best suited for walking and running purposes.

The listed apps are free of cost and reliable ones. These will definitely make your trips exciting and safer. These apps promise accuracy and less annoying advertisements.


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