Samsung’s new app lets you live stream gameplay


Samsung is always advancing towards technology and innovation. You will find it surprising that lately a new application was leaked out of the company. Samsung was working on a project that would be delightful for the gamers. Again they have come up with a new application called Game Live. You can use this app to live stream your gameplay to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Even if you want to share the link of your live streaming gameplay, then you can even message your friends about it.

Whenever you are live streaming your gameplay, then you can choose your microphone or built in audio of the game. Even if you want to save the session, you can easily do it on your device. Moreover, if you like human interaction and discuss strategies during combat or group game play, then you can chat with your friends using the Live Chat feature on the application. However, you cannot use this live streaming for more than two hundred minutes. The maximum you can use 4GB of data in a particular session.

So either you can decrease the quality of the live stream of the gameplay or use a limited amount of minutes you have been allocated. This may be treated as a flaw in the app which may be resolved shortly. According to some experts, Samsung’s Game Live is currently supported on very limited devices like Samsung Galaxy S8. So it may not run smoothly on your device. Since Samsung has not launched it officially so you may not be able to download it from the Google PlayStore. But there are other sources from where you can download the application and check if it is compatible with your device as well. Hopefully, when Samsung releases it officially there may be lots of changes and it would be compatible with most of the Samsung devices.

Final Verdict

Samsung’s new application Game Live can be a revolutionary idea for the gamers. It gives the unlimited power of sharing the screen or your gameplay with a specific person. You can even broadcast on Youtube to target a larger mass. Even if you are a beginner in a game then you can ask help of your friend. They can share the screen so that you can learn the tricks of the game you are playing. Once it is compatible with most of the devices and available on Google PlayStore then you can easily get it on your device.


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