One Plus 5 : Battery review


Battery life is one of the key features which we look for while making up our minds set for smartphones. It is quite a challenging task for the mobile companies to keep up with the quality along with reasonable prices.In addition to features like high RAM, high definition back and rear cameras providing you with great selfies, batteries are also a primary concern for any mobile phone manufacturing company. It’s a make or breaks feature so here we see how OnePlus 5 manages to stack up?

OnePlus 5 counting among the flagship phones should be able to survive for a day with a single charge. But if you use the phone with full brightness cranked up, it does not last for more than half a day. Instead, auto brightness is a great savior as it leaves your phone with some charge tanked up even after a full day usage. It has a very new processing technology and hence providing efficient power consumption.

If you compare it with other android devices, you will be falling for OnePlus 5. You will be surprised to know that battery usage done by OnePLus 5 on playing a 90 minute Full HD video clip with full brightness on is just 12%. While in other android devices like OnePlus 3T the loss was 13% and to my surprise, Samsung Galaxy S8 showed the loss of more than 15%.You can easily get a fast charge service within few minutes. It also has battery saving mode which stops few apps from running as it restricts you but it’s only for your best during your last clinging numbers of support.

Today’s world has a rigorous demand of phones supporting gaming for long hours.OnePlus 5 has set new standards for giving amazing battery backups while gaming which is not likely to be shown by other devices while browsing too. The best part is it runs at maximum resolution at Full HD making you cling to your cell phones day and night.It lasts for more than nine long hours which remarkably high in comparison to OnePlus 3T which lasted for just 6 hours.

Whether you use OnePlus 5 for normal day to day use or for high-performance gaming, you can always count on OnePlus 5 battery life.The unmatched performance of the phone due to its super fast processor minimizes battery loss and provide you a phone with better backup.OnePlus 5 is the gadget you should look for when you buy a smartphone. And the best part is that its battery is so trusted worthy that you need not carry a power bank with you. OnePlus 5 is the best phone and worth it’s price if you are not willing to compromise on the quality and performance.


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