How to install Android Oreo in Samsung Galaxy S8


Own a Samsung Galaxy S8? Waiting for the latest Android Oreo update? You might be wondering how to install Android Oreo in Samsung Galaxy S8? Sadly, Samsung has not officially launched an update for their s8 series of smartphones; preferably they have introduced a beta version of the Android Oreo for their phones.

how to install Android Oreo in Samsung Galaxy S8

As Samsung has not provided any updates, hence it will take quite some time to roll on the floor. But you can get hands on the beta preview version of the Android Oreo OS on your smartphone.

Let us guide you through the whole process how to download and install the Oreo update in your Samsung Galaxy S8:

• You must need a Samsung official account before heading ahead and set it up.
• You have to access the Galaxy beta program next.
• This can be done via the Samsung Members or Samsung+ app or from within the Galaxy Apps pre-installed on your Galaxy S8.
• Then an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 is required which must not be locked-down or restricted by the network operator.
• When all the standard is met, wait for the Android Oreo beta update to roll out on your device.
• It is suggested to back up the critical data from getting lost before downloading the file.
• After downloading the beta Oreo update, it will get installed automatically by the phone itself.
• After the update, you can experience a new and smooth user interface and OS experience. The latest update will replace the older out of the box, pre-installed Android Nougat completely.

Samsung is rolling out the Oreo beta updates to the users in rounds. Hence, it might be difficult for you to get the beta update soon, but nothing to worry as you will be able to enjoy the experience pretty soon.

Wrapping up
Finally, before finishing it up, we must accept the fact that the beta version of the Oreo is not as close as the official Android Oreo that other manufacturers offer in their flagship models. We hope that Samsung would come up with the update very soon so that the users can get hands on the new OS. Till then, follow the process to download the beta Oreo version and have fun!


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