4 Best Android Games


Gaming experience has improved on smartphones a lot over the past few years, thanks to upgraded specs on smartphones. When you talk about Android smartphones, you can get these specs at a budget price. This has lead to a lot of Android smartphone users gaming on their devices. So we decided to go ahead and compile a list of the 4 best Android games:

List of 4 Best Android Games:

1. Dancing Line

This game probably has the best incorporation of music into any game. Dancing line offers an immersive gaming experience through the means of an ever growing line that you have to guide by making it turn by tapping on the screen at the right moment. The music has been carefully crafted and synchronized with the different levels in this game.

2. Fallout Shelter

Google Play’s best game of 2015, Fallout Shelter is a popular game. In this game, you have to design and create a vault beneath the earth’s surface. Not only that, you then have to take all care of the vault by making an entire community flourish there. You’ll be required to gather food, defend yourself from the bad guys and flourish as a community.

3. PokemonGo

The most popular augmented reality game to ever have greeted us mortal beings, PokemonGo needs no introduction. Im pretty sure almost everyone reading this article has played this game but for those of you who haven’t, the game puts you in the shoes of a Pokemon trainer taking you right back to your childhood. As a PokemonGo player, you have to catch pokemon, train them, fight gym battles and hatch eggs that you find along your journey. The game also makes use of GPS to turn real life locations into Pokestops and Pokemon gyms.

4. Bump Sheep

The last game on our list but not any less than the others, Bump Sheep is an immersive 2 player game. In the versus mode, both the players have an army of black or white sheep of different sizes and power. You then have to battle it out by releasing sheep into different lanes across the field and make as many of your sheep cross the enemy’s line as possible while preventing the enemy’s sheep from crossing yours at the same time.


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