Best apps for Samsung Gear S2

Best apps for Samsung Gear S2

Got your new Samsung gear S2? Looking for some fresh apps for your Smartwatch? We will try our best to help you Best apps for Samsung Gear S2. Gear S2 is based on Tizen OS platform. Hence apps and games are not that great according to other android smart watches.

Best apps for Samsung Gear S2

Even though the Tizen store contains a bunch of cheap and unwanted apps, Samsung tried their best to provide some useful apps to its users. We will discuss the best available apps for Samsung Gear S2 so that it will be easy for you to choose the best-related apps for you.

Some of the best apps for Samsung Gear S2 are:


Best apps for Samsung Gear S2
This official Uber app was launched by Samsung last month for its Gear S2. It comes with every feature of the Uber app including UberX and UberPool. You can call a taxi online and make a ride, watch the arrival and even navigate through the route.

Here Navigator

Best apps for Samsung Gear S2
Here Navigator is a navigation tool developed by Nokia. Samsung tied up with them and launched this app for their smartwatch. It is a direct competitor to Google map. It shows everything from turn by turn to how much distance covered, how much left to cover and everything else a Navigator does.
This app does not come pre=loaded; users have to download it from the app store.

News Briefing

Best apps for Samsung Gear S2
It is an excellent app to keep the world news in your arms. It is specially designed for the rounded bezels of the Gear S2. You can select any category from selected websites and read them. There might be some problems with the fonts as the app is in the initial development phase.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Want to give a boost to your Adrenaline? Try this app. It is specially designed to work perfectly fine in your Gear S2. It works like a charm on your favorite smartwatch.
Sadly, Asphalt 8 is still not compatible with Gear S2.

Wrap up

Although there are a lot of Best apps for Samsung Gear S2 in the app store, these are our pick for the best apps for your Samsung Gear S2. You can download them from the store and have fun on the go. Samsung came up with a high number of apps to satisfy your need. You can easily download them from the Tizen store and make the most out of them.


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