10 Smartphone trend to watch in 2017

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It is one of the most topics that everyone must know before the arriving of the new technology. For those people who are all waiting to know the Smartphone’s latest trend can look here. Technology is becoming the integral part of our day to day daily life. But largely we want to watch out in mobile phones. Here some of the current trends that you should not be missed.

1. Wireless audio

This could be people’s choice of using wireless headphones. We have seen recently, the wireless headphones in iPhone model phone. However, people going to witness in Moto phones as well.

2. Faster LTE

It is the current technology that rules all over the globe. Especially in the recent 4G mobiles, you can see all the best features like LTE which helps to boost the internet speed up to 600Mbps.

3. AR devices

It is one of the best technologies that could help you to find the objects, maps and location with great graphics. All you just need to switch on your camera to find the special outcome.

4. Processor Chips

This helps to find the greater graphics and best performances while using the phone. Already we know that the Snapdragon 835 has been announced to install in some top premium Android phones.

5. Smart designs

As per the source, there are many new designs are coming to the market. For information, rivals like iPhone and Samsung are getting ready to face in future with more advanced designs to impress the users.

6. VR technology

It is said to be the very limited technology that users are experiencing in very recent. Especially you can check this Virtual reality applications running well on Samsung Galaxy S7. However, it will also be available in mid-range mobiles as well in coming years.

7. Storage

Already, users are experiencing the top most mobiles that grab the attention because of its storage. Yes! Some of the phones tops with 256 GB of the storage device with the expandable memory of 512 GB. As per the source, the memory up to 1TB from the company SanDisk expected very soon in the platform.

8. Fast charging

The users can expect this trend could happen in a coming year. Instead for charging your mobile up to 4 or 5 hours, you could charge your mobile at just under 5 minutes. So you don’t need to use USB cabled wired chargers.

9. Bluetooth

As we all know that the Bluetooth 4.2 is the current version applied in almost all the Smartphones. As per the information, we expect Bluetooth 5 which helps to touch the range up to 400 meters. Also, helps to transfer the files more than 4 times faster.

10. USB port

This upcoming technology is going to replace with the USB port of 2.0. This USB-C port helps you to connect to all the high definition monitors, headphones and other external devices. Hope we can expect this tech soon.


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