24 Tips And Tricks For Easy Navigating iOS 11


iOS 11 is the latest version of Apple which includes latest updates with new features and changes that bring the users more nearer to their needs. This is the latest version of Apple which is designed to provide the best results for its users. This version of Apple is soon going to be in the market. We are here providing you 24 tips and tricks For Easy Navigating iOS 11 that you should know to navigate this version of Apple very easily.

Tips And Tricks For Easy Navigating iOS 11

  1. You can easily form Siri from Settings of your iOS 11 > General Accessibility > Siri and click on Type to Siri and then save the options.
  2. Customize your control center through Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.
  3. Bring your iOS 11 on Low Power Mode to save battery.
  4. Bring your notifications live on a close screen so as to make operate it more easily.
  5. Shade all of your recording with the help of a built in feature. For this, go to the Settings > Control Center > Customize Control > Control Core > Shade record on.
  6. You can easily underline your documents in iOS 11 clicking a pointer on the bottom of a shade and then clicking “Scan Documents.”
  7. To avoid distraction while driving click on the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” option which will sense the acceleration of your vehicle and will automatically respond the caller about it.
  8. Click on “Accessibility Call Audio Routing” for Auto-answer calls after a particular interval of time.
  9. You can spin your notifications to determined banners so as to avoid them from being disappearing automatically after some time.
  10. You can easily revise and save the screenshots through the thumbnail present at the bottom left hand of your screen.
  11. You can spin on offloads apps for removing the less used apps present on your iOS 11 when runs short in storage.
  12. You can regulate maps with one palm only by double tapping and hold down on the map.
  13. You can easily avail free storage space by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  14. You can activate Emergency SOS services by clicking on “Auto Call” option.
  15. You can easily spin off your iOS 11 through going to Settings > General Shut down.
  16. You can easily emanate PDFs in your Safari browser by shading them and then click on “Markup as PDF.”
  17. You can change marks regulating Airpods through double clicking on AirPod earpiece.
  18. Activate your device’s one-handed keyboard by holding down the emoji idol which will ultimately create a keyboard on your screen.
  19. Daub and drag apps on your home screen from the Apps Store of iOS 11.
  20. You can use live photo features to click and play live photos.
  21. You can easily switch between camera filters by just sliding perspective format.
  22. You can indicate QR codes through Wi-Fi routers.
  23. Enable “Hidden Folder” “ON” from Settings for censoring or hiding photos and media files.
  24. You can use “Smart Invert” option to retreat colors on images and other media. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > General Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors > Smart Invert.


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