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It is said to be one of the least advertising iOS version that comes to the tech market very soon.  As per the information, the iOS 11 will be available after the month of September 2017. Trade said that the iOS 11 has amazing features that help to engage the users for a long time. Let’s check out some of the interesting facts about this amazing upcoming iOS 11. Here the user can handle the stickers as well as iMessage apps with more flexible. So the users while sending the stickers they don’t need to tap multiple times.

List of Amazing iOS 11 Features:

As per the source, the apple company has issued the statement that it has the huge number of features to laud up. Here we are going to see some of the great features.

1) Latest features in messages

In this feature, the messages contain the app drawer which helps to send the stickers to your contacts. Also by using the Apple Pay cash card, the user can transfer or received the money in bank account.

2) Improvement of Siri

It is one of the great things that are easily adaptable to any language. It helps to translate as per the convenience and helps to suggest whatever the song that you need to listen.

3) Natural photo effects

It has the great effects which will help the live photo into the unlimited number of video loop.  Here you can combine all the photos and create a long effect videos.

4) Best camera feature

This feature has the developed image quality when compared to the previous iOS installments. With the help of this feature, you can get HDR image which also getting a QR scanner.

5) App store

This cool feature is the most things that everyone is mentioning. The App store has got redesigned and helps to get daily feeds as a centered theme. This helps to discover the new apps from the large collections.

Final words

According to the source, this iOS 11 is going to suit for all the iPhone devices. The important fact to note down is each feature of this version will engage you to the core while usage. People who are all seeking to know about the features introduced recently can know from the above-given features. Hope this amazing feature of iOS will encourage and engages with stylish themes. It has all the potential to grab the user’s attention at anytime.


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