How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Range

Improve Your Wi-Fi Range,, techloudgeek

Usage of Wi-Fi is a common sight with the low-cost routers coming with the latest technology and also freeing you from Ethernet cables. You are using the Wi-Fi for your internet needs but suddenly the signal drops and you are left with no internet at all. This can be highly irritating when the signal drops in the middle of an important work. There are various factors which can contribute to lower the signal strength and decrease the speed and make your Wi-Fi almost useless. Now, there are some ways in which you can get the optimum Wi-Fi signal. You can follow the steps below to know How to improve your Wi-Fi range.,techloudgeek
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Tips on How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Range:

Keep routers at a proper place

Keeping the Wi-Fi routers inside a cabinet will not help you to get good signals. You should keep the routers in the open to get the best signals as walls or any door will block the signals, making it weaker till the time it reaches your device. Keep the router at the centre of your home to get uniform signals throughout your home and a little higher as some routers are designed to project the signals in the downward direction.

Interfering with other objects

Your household appliances like microwave, cordless phones can cause interference with the Wi-Fi signal. Even your neighbour’s router can cause interference. It is a good idea to place the router at a distance from your home appliances and also change the channel and frequency to get the best possible Wi-Fi signal. You should also be careful not to place the router near metal objects.

Reset time to time

Most of the electronic devices start working normally when it is reset. You can try resetting the router when you start receiving weak signals as it is an ideal solution to most of the tech problems. You can also buy an outlet timer so that the router will reset itself once in a day.

Secure the Wi-Fi network

It is important to secure the network with a strong password as the Wi-Fi speed depends on the number of devices using it simultaneously and obviously you don’t want any outsider to use it. So always ensure that your Wi-Fi router is secured.

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You can also try to replace the antenna, install a wireless repeater or a wireless amplifier to increase the Wi-Fi signals. These things including the above methods will make sure that you never face the slow speeds, weak signal reception or any other Wi-Fi issues while using the internet.



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