6 Future Mobile Technologies to expect in 2018

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We all know that the technology has targeted the right chord at a time. It is the one which brought us smart in this technological world. Likewise, we got the telecommunication technology which is in peak now. We could see in many movies about the future technology. Finally, here it is the chance which is almost getting ready to arrive on the platform for the public use. Hopefully, we can expect the amazing experienced technology within the year 2018.

1. Wireless charging

It is one of the great technologies that should come soon for the people. It is the regular that most of the people facing the issues in charging their phone. Especially when coming to large screen display phone it is quite tough for the battery to survive. For this reason, there is a technology which is going to set fire among the mobile users. As per the talk, you can easily charge your phone by body heat. For speed charging, you can also charge up your mobile within 30 seconds of its connecting.

2. Flexible

Most of the people’s problem is to face the size of the mobile.  If you have the large display mobile, then it will be tough for the users to carry with them. For this purpose, there is a technology called Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is mainly used for folding and unfolding. It means you can easily carry your mobile by just folding and keep it in the pocket. By using this technology, you can show the pictures and videos by just an easy control. This flexibility version is definitely going to rule the technological world in 2018.

3. Augmented Reality

This could be the great tech if arrives among the public platform. It is very simple to know that AR is an unseen and advanced version. With the help of this AR technology you can see the nearest locations and landmark accurately with sound, graphics GPS date and video. If you want any location to view, you can just switch on the camera to check out.

4. Interfaced with Brain – Computer

As we all know that patterns in the brain will not be the same. However, the electrical signals will help to mapping with it to bring the outcome as particular commands. It means the Smartphone with the help of interfacing brain computer will able to find your thoughts and execute as a command on time.

5. Touch and feel

It is the technology that everyone is seeking for a long time. As per the source, electro-vibration technology will go to bring the mass changes in Smartphone world. By using this technology, you can easily do whatever you are thinking about this technology. Based on thinking, you can text easily o your phone and forward to all.  According to the information, researchers of Disney working on bringing the technology at the right time for the mobile users.

6. Translator of speech to speech

It is one of the best technology that technological world have ever seen. After the huge research, speech to speech has become close to the reality now. This tech will allow the natural languages that help to build the apps. With this fine form, you don’t need to have any translator or mediator with you.


In this day to day, daily life people often use the technology to find them as smart. However, the advanced level technology will go to rule in coming years. It is the time for Smartphone lovers to utilize the best technologies via mobile phones.


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