How To Improve Your Android Battery Life

How To Improve Your Android Battery Life,, techloudgeek

Having a decent smartphone is a norm these days but what about battery life? Today’s smartphones come with loads of cool features and numerous applications that we are forced to use it for long hours for our entertainment. The phones are becoming powerful but the battery isn’t. Various factors are responsible for the degrading battery life. Phones are thinner so less room for batteries, faster octa-core processors, Full HD screens, various basic apps and GPS, all are power hungry and needs lots of power.

Obviously you can do very little about it but you can do plenty of other things which will give you at least couple of more hours to use your phone. Let’s see few tweaks and tips which would definitely help you get the most out of your battery life.

Tips on How To Improve Your Android Battery Life:

1) De-activate Wi-fi

Using internet is very common if you have a smartphone and people tend to use Wi-Fi most of the times for their internet needs. After using, most of them won’t switch off Wi-Fi on their device because they feel it as boring. So, always switch off the Wi-Fi of your smartphone when not in use.

2) Uninstall unnecessary apps

Apps running in the background consume a lot of battery. The modern day apps are automated and keep working in the background. You can never know which app is eating your battery but you can delete the old or unused apps so that you can save some power for some other important task.

3) Screen brightness

With technological advances, phone’s screens have evolved a lot and mostly come with full HD screens. As screen is always ON while using the phone, it consumes plenty of battery so you should always minimize the brightness of the screen whenever you use it indoors. Even keeping the phone on automatic brightness will consume a little more battery as the phone’s sensor is used to sense the light.

4) GPS usage

GPS is the most power hungry in your device. You should never leave it ON every time because of its effects on the phone’s battery. You should always turn OFF the location based services. You surely don’t want the apps to keep collecting your location information and consume more battery. Switch OFF the GPS as soon as you have finished using it to get more juice at the end of the day.

Battery optimization is the biggest challenge these days. You can always take some measures so that you can maximize your battery life. Battery conservation is simple if you follow some basic instructions and keep the screen brightness low. Alternately, you can use a power bank to fulfill all your smartphone’s needs.


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