Facebook Launches Messenger Lite APP for Android Users in India

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After the successful response of Facebook Messenger Lite APP in 132 countries, the Facebook has recently launched in India. It is the lighter version of the facebook app which occupies a very little space in your memory storage. It occupies only 10MB of space in your memory. The app was designed to solve the problems arises due to slow internet connections. Being a lighter version it works very fast and smooth. This version of facebook is only available for the Android users in India. The iOS users are not supposed to be able to use this version yet. This version of the facebook is easily available on the Google Play Store from where the android users can easily download and save it to their devices.

This is not the only lighter version of the facebook. Facebook has previously launched Facebook Lite which is also a lighter version and was a huge success. Messenger Lite enables you to send a photo, video, and links from your android device. It also enables you to make conversation through messages and video and voice calls which add more to its features.

Features of the Messenger Lite App

Messenger Lite App was recently released in India which target the number of Facebook users for easy access. It basically makes the using of the app easy on entry level smartphones. It is a best Facebook app for the facebook users as it uses very few resources. The main features of the Facebook Messenger Lite app are: –

  • It is one of the lighter apps which use a very less space i.e., 10MB on your Android device. This app is particularly designed by aiming the smartphones having less storage capacity.
  • The app is particularly designed to work even with a slow internet connection. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the speed of internet while working on the Messenger Lite.
  • This version of Messenger is only available for the Android users. Therefore, the iOS device users are not supposed to take the benefits of this wonderful app.
  • It enables you to send text, links, photos, videos through your smartphone easily.

Messenger Lite APP, facebook Messenger Lite APP, techloudgeek.com, techloudgeek

How to Download Facebook Messenger Lite APP to Android Device

Facebook Messenger Lite is easily available on Google Play Store from where you can easily download and install it to your Android device and avail the benefits. You should follow the following steps to avail the services of Messengers Lite on your Android device.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Messenger Lite there.
  • You will find various versions of Messenger Lite from where you can select the Facebook Messenger Lite.
  • Click on the Install option and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the app successfully gets downloaded to your phone it will get automatically installed to the device.
  • On the successful installation of the app to your device you will find a respective app icon on your Android device from where you can easily access the benefits.



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