OnePlus 5 Review & Specifications


OnePlus is one of the popular brands, which has attracted a lot of gadget freaks with the help of its quality over making Smartphone’s for a long time now. OnePlus 5 is the latest model, which released with a lot of hype among mobile phone lovers. Here we have come-up with the OnePlus 5 Review & specifications.

Some of the eye-catching OnePlus 5 Review & Specifications :

  • Display – 5.5 Inch
  • Battery – 3300mAh
  • OS version – Android 7.1.1
  • Processor – 1.9Ghz Octa Core
  • RAM – 6GB
  • Camera – 16 Megapixel(Front) and 20 Megapixel(Rear)
  • Storage – 64GB
  • Resolution – 1080 x 1920 pixels

Pros of OnePlus 5:

Light weight – The phone comes in handy and comes at 153 grams. Any phone with 5.5-inch display below 160grams is considered based on the features and cost, as a lightweight phone is more comfortable to carry.

Camera – The camera of OnePlus 5 has a wonderful camera, which does not compromise on the zoom and the quality of the picture. The handy software helps you to enjoy the camera and the focus in an easy way. The modification and extra features while using the camera can be used by experts, as multiple modes and balanced light options give out a professional output.

System and app performance – OnePlus is the only Android phone, which has given a tight competition in terms of performance to iPhone. The hardware components and the software or OS has been balanced in a perfect way, where it does not lag or perform slowly after a period of some time.

Quick Charging – The fast or quick charging play a major role in the current generation, as most of the people prefer to charge their phone in hurry. The quick charging option lets you charge the phone completely in a span of 20 – 40 minutes.

Cons of OnePlus 5

Routine Design – The Design of the camera has not been inspiring Smartphone lovers much, as there is no much difference between OnePlus 4 and 5 in general. The design may be a traditional one, but it is evident that there is no extra effect in terms of feels and outlook of the phone.

Ineffective Dual Camera  – The dual camera is a boon to most of the professional photographers, but OnePlus 5 has not impressed most of the photographers compared to iPhone 6 plus.


OnePlus 5 can be considered as a next generation Smartphone, where it does not compromise of any feature compared to its competitors. A must buy a device for people to look enjoy a quality Android experience.


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