Best Windows Phone of 2017


Apart from the Android and iOS devices, Windows phones from Microsoft have always the spot to stand among the Mobile phone users. The technology using here is completely different from the other version mobile phones. According to the source, there is more number of models in Windows has arrived in the market for sales. Here we are recommending the best windows phone for the year 2017. Hope the given list of Best Windows phone of 2017 models will be a trend in terms of Windows platform.

  1. Lumia 950 XL

It is one of the recent best windows phones with 5.7-inch display boast by the resolutions of 1440p quality. With the great high-quality camera of 40 megapixels, you can capture the best live images at a right moment. This phone has the best wireless charging capacity which contains 3340mAh battery. It is the high time to know that this mobile is fond of Windows 10. You can buy this windows phone under 100$ which means you can purchase this mobile at a reasonable price.

  1. Nokia Lumia 930

It is one of the great designed with semi-metal form that has its cool hardware to working on it. With the decent features, the camera set up and the display screen this phone looks cool to work. However, this phone doesn’t have the external storage. The users can expect more development in terms of updates very soon as per the official information.

  1. Alcatel Idol 4s

This Windows phone could be the best in terms of offering the great features for the users. The major highlight of this phone is made of the metal body of 6.9mn of thin body. Then the weight of this mobile is not more than 153 grams. It is the 5.5 inch AMOLED that contains the resolutions of 1080p which is really good to use for the users. The main thing you can see over here is 64GB of inbuilt memory that’s captures the attention. This mobile packed up of 4GB RAM that contains Snapdragon 820 processor.  You can also find the fingerprint option to unlock and lock your phone at anytime.

  1. HP Elite x3

This windows phone could be a PC from top to bottom with best features. Also, it is a compact size which helps to carry this phone flexibly. While connecting to the Microsoft apps, it is very easy to hook up your PC to your phone. And you can easily manage your PC at anytime. It is the 5.96-inch display based Smartphone. For more security purpose, you can easily handle this phone. You can buy this great phone at an affordable price of under 600$ to use.

  1. Nokia Lumia 735

This installment is one of the cool phones that you can buy in market at affordable price. With this reasonable price, the performance is really very good at this budget. This mobile has the cool features that you have to utilize and experience while using it. It is mainly support microSD, 4G LTE and Qi wireless charging. The users can expect better updates very soon.

Final words

People who are all expecting the best windows phone of 2017 can follow the above-mentioned phones at anytime. Hope this might save your time and price instead of being fallen in huge expensive mobile phones.


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