10 Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

10 Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Smartphones are mainly used for the most basic tasks like calls, texts, checking mails and social network. Many of you are happy that your Smartphone performs these small tasks with ease. But, did you know that the Smartphone which you are using is actually a mini computer that can perform hundreds of other tasks like locking/ unlocking your car, keep track of your health, etc.? We will show you how gadgets can help you in making your smartphones even smarter and make your life a little more convenient. This post is going to explain 10 Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter.

10 Gadgets To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter:-

1) Pico Genie A100

Pico Genie A100

It is a speaker enabled projector with sound boosting effect with the outcome of 60” viewing area. It is very small like an iPhone so that you can carry it for your presentations.

2) Smart Baby monitor

Smart Baby monitor

It starts sending live stream audio and video to your smartphone after installation. The monitor can also detect the baby’s activities and room’s humidity and temperature.

3) NODE Chroma

It is actually a real life colour picker. The colour with the formats of RGB, HEX, CMYK and LAB, will be saved on your smartphone once you place it on any coloured object. You can use it later for any purpose.

4) Square register

Square Register lets you accept payments with your smartphones anytime, anywhere. The buyer has to sign in on the smartphone to authorize payment and avoid fraud.

5) Tod

Tod can track the location of your child, car or a pet. Vie e-mail, it can notify you of any movement from the compound or if they go too far from you.

6) Botiful

Once you plugin your smartphone to Botiful, you can move it anywhere and communicate with any human being with Skype interface. It can also explore those places where it isn’t possible for you to reach.

7) Sensordrone

This device harvests vital information from the environment like air quality, gas leaks, temperature, humidity, etc. It is great for the people whose job is to take measurements on the go.

8) Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine tracks your physical activities on the move and informs you if your body movements are enough for you to be fit. You just have to equip it on your body and go with your normal routine.

9) SkyLight

Skylight lets you connect your smartphone camera to a supported microscope which can capture microscopic images. You can even change the focal planes with just a touch of a finger.

10) Lockitron

With the Lockitron you can unlock the door with just a touch on your smartphone. It can also notify you of someone knocking at your door. You can also set it to unlock the door whenever you get near the door.

These gadgets will surely make your smartphone even smarter and help you in using your smartphones in a different way.


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