ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Google Play Music and YouTube

Android application is a software tool to run the programs on your Android platform. Mostly Android applications used only on mobile devices and Android emulators. An Android app is designed for Smartphone’s or tablets to run the operating systems. Here we have listed few top Android Apps 2017.


ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN app used to keep your device safe and secure from public wifi. It is one of the trusted apps for secure your device from third party applications. This app supports in super fast and extremely safe, boasting the SSL network with unlimited bandwidth and speed makes the app into higher preference. ExpressVPN has servers around the world and available for $8.32 per month.

Download ExpressVPN

ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, 1weather

This is one of the best weather apps available now. It shows about current weather conditions, forecasts up to 12 weeks. 1weather also has some unique widgets like showing the severe weather and storms approaching. This app is available for free with a full version.

Download 1weather

Blue Mail
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Blue Mail

It is the best all round mail app for managing your emails. It has the features like simple interface, compatibility and keeps it clean. It also has some customize settings for the better experience of the app.  Blue mail app helps you to lock your private emails, widgets and much more. Blue mail app is available for free in Google play store.

Download Blue Mail


Google Drive Suite
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Google Drive Suite

This app is used for keeping all your data safe and secure in cloud storage. For every new user, this app provides 15GB permanent storage capacity. Google drive also consists of Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google calendar, etc. it also allows unlimited backup capacity, if you need more storage capacity you can also get it from the Google Drive app.

Download Google Drive Suite


Google Maps
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Google Maps

Google app is used for navigation purpose virtually. This app gets updated eventually every week. It makes the active app features and accesses the place and directions of place. But you need online connectivity to view the map settings.

Download Google Maps


Google Now and Google Assistant
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Google Now and Google Assistant

Google now and Google assistant is like same and used for voice assistant.  The Google assistant app is only for Google pixel phones. You can use this app for the voice call, text and voice record process.

Download Google Now and Google Assistant


Google Play Music and YouTube
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Google Play Music and YouTube

Google play music is exceptional from all other music apps. It has the features to add more the 10 thousand music files for free. This app can also access both online and offline streaming.  It also includes YouTube red.

Download Google Play Music and YouTube

Lastpass Password Manager
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Lastpass Password Manager

This is one of the important apps to have on your Android phone. It’s a password manager app used to save your login credentials safe and secure. It generates a unique password to use your accounts safely. You can use it on your Android phone, tablet, and PC as well.

Download Lastpass Password Manager


Solid Explorer
ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Solid Explorer

This is a file browser app for searching your files from the storage area. Solid Explorer app is one of the best-suggested apps to handle the file browsing. It also includes cloud support, WebDAV, FTP and much more.

Download Solid Explorer

ANDROID APPS 2017,, techloudgeek, Tasker

Tasker is an excellent app to create predefined commands to use various places. This is one of the complex apps to work with. The complexity makes the app stronger among all another task app.

Download Tasker


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