Best Travel Apps 2017

Google Trips, Best Travel Apps, Best Travel Apps 2017,, techloudgeek

Everyone gets excited about travelling because of obvious reasons. Some may travel for the first time away from home, some might be on a business trip or some might travel for fun. You can always avoid confusions and keep track of your expenses by planning everything for a trip beforehand. Planning is not a daunting task anymore as there are lots of travel apps on iOS, which makes your travel very comfortable and take care of booking flights, hotel reservations and more. Some also provide local tour guide service which is very beneficial for those who are new to the country.

But choosing the perfect travel app is in itself a difficult job because there are a number of apps on Apple Store and you can’t waste time searching them. Hence, we list the best travel apps available on iOS which will help you travel leisurely.

List of Best Travel Apps 2017:

1 ) Google Trips
Google Trips, Best Travel Apps, Best Travel Apps 2017,, techloudgeek

Google Trips organise everything in one place which can also be accessed offline. It is developed by Google and it helps you organise the trips by automatically gathering the travel reservations from your Gmail account. It organises your flight, hotel, and rental car and restaurant bookings and also suggests you nearby attractions and reviews about that particular place. There are also day plans available for top places which you can customise accordingly. It lets you save everything before leaving and access all the information offline.

2) TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor, Best Travel Apps, Best Travel Apps 2017,, techloudgeek

TripAdvisor is the most popular travel app with over 225 million reviews about hotels by real visitors which will help you choose the best hotel for your pleasant stay. You can compare and find the best hotels and lowest airfare on the app. It lets you book hotels, restaurants and flights and you can also add your own reviews on the app. It has the option of downloading the maps so that you can save data while you travel.

3) TripIt
TripIt, Best Travel Apps, Best Travel Apps 2017,, techloudgeek

TripIt is the best organiser app from Concur Technologies which instantly organises all your travel plans. You just have to forward your travel confirmation e-mails to and it will create a master itinerary for you. It can also import your travel plans from your e- mail accounts if you choose to allow it. You can also share the travel plans with anyone. With premium version of TripIt, you get real-time flight alerts, seat tracking, alternate flight finder and many more advantages.

Travelling becomes easier and comfortable with so many travel apps on Apple Store. These are the ‘best travel apps 2017’ which organise your trips, keep you informed about your travel plans and give you necessary suggestions.


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