Best Anti Virus Apps For Android & iOS

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With smartphones being increasingly used by everyone all over the world, the security of the data in your device is under threat. Much like PCs, even your smartphones are vulnerable to malware and virus that can harm both your data and the device. There must be sensitive information on your smartphone so it is a good idea to install some anti virus software. Luckily, there are many anti virus apps available which will protect the information on your device.

Security apps these days provide a complete package with various security features and various other benefits.  Although there are many apps, we will help you select best anti virus software for your Android and iOS that will keep your device secure.

List of Best Anti Virus Apps For Android & iOS

Avast Antivirus and security

Anti Virus Apps, Avast Antivirus and security,, techloudgeek

Avast is a well-known app for its security and has a range of tools to protect your smartphone from malware and virus. It secures your device against phishing attacks, unwanted calls and infected websites. Additionally, it has various other features like Firewall, RAM booster, web shield, etc. It is a complete security app which will save your device from virus. It also has an App Locking feature that secures your device by locking any app with a PIN. There is also a premium feature which will give you additional features.

Download Avast Antivirus and security for Android

Download Avast Antivirus and security for iOS


360 Security Anti virus
Anti Virus Apps, 360 Security Anti virus,, techloudgeek

It is an all-in-one security app that optimizes background apps, memory space and clears junk files while protecting your device from virus, malware and adware. It automatically scans installed apps and the apps after installation with its latest protection technologies. It also has an App-Lock feature that will protect the data and apps on the device. The important feature of this app is Anti- Theft solution which will help you in case you lose your phone. It is the complete package for securing your phone while using very less battery.

Download 360 Security-Antivirus for Android

Download 360 Security-Antivirus for iOS


CM Security Antivirus Applock
Anti Virus Apps, CM Security Antivirus Applock,, techloudgeek

CM Security app is a complete package for detecting virus, Trojans and malware as well as in protecting your phone privacy. It has various other features which keep the app unique and secure your device completely. The app includes Antitheft Intruder Selfie feature by which you will get the photo of the intruder by mail thus safeguarding the device. It lets you choose themes for lock screen and disguise cover for the lock screen. The app is loaded with many features to secure your device and safeguard your data.

Download CM Security Antivirus Applock for Android


Mobile security is the top most priority for most of the mobile users these days and these anti virus apps on Android & iOS will help them keep the phone secure and also keep the phone in optimum condition.


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