Best Apps to Convert Photos Into Cartoons

Photo cartoon camera,, techloudgeek

These days clicking a photo and posting directly to social networks is not enough. Android is so adaptable to many applications that you have so many options on the Play Store to edit the photos. But photo editing is not just restricted to cropping, trimming and resizing. Attributes like stickers, filters, artistic effects, cartoon effects, sketches, and paintings are widely used to give that final touch.  There are many cartoon photo editor apps that are available for converting your photos into cartoons. The apps are so easy to use that even a naive and first-time user can edit the photos easily. To provide you more insight on the latest developments related to cartoon picture apps, let’s briefly look into the best android apps for converting photos into cartoons.

List of Best Apps to Convert Photos Into Cartoons

Photo cartoon camera
Photo cartoon camera,, techloudgeek

It is the best app on Google Play Store in several countries for converting photos into cartoons. It is an all-in-one filters camera that allows you to convert your photos into art pictures, cartoon movie pictures, painting style pictures and more. It has various filters like modern art, cartoon, animated film, pop art, etc. With so many varieties of filters available, you will surely get the perfect filter for your photo. You can either snap a picture or select one from your picture gallery and apply any filter from their database. You can also share your pictures to social media platforms directly after applying filters.

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MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers, techloudgeek,

It not only allows you to create funny cartoons from your photos but also to make emoticons by uploading your photos. You can select your photos from your albums or Facebook and choose between Comics and Emoticons for editing. There are numerous backgrounds which you can select and customise your avatar into an epic character. You can also participate in activities and win prizes by sharing the edited photos with the community.

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Cartoon camera
Cartoon camera,, techloudgeek

It is one of the simplest camera apps available which lets you create the cartoon and sketch like photography with your phone camera. It gives real- time cartoon effect to your photos with the help of 12 effects like cartoon, colour drawing, sepia, pencil sketches and much more available in the app. You can adjust the edge strength and colour sensitivity and also it supports auto focus, camera flash and front camera to help you get the stunning cartoon picture.

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Converting photos into cartoons is the best way to have fun with the pictures and these apps let you convert any picture into a cartoon. Additionally, these apps also provide many other additional personalization features as well.


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